So often those who walk past the stately old walls of the church realize its historic presence in the downtown core; but what is more important, though less visible, is the fact that the old building at the corner of King and Simcoe is the spiritual home of a living, inclusive and dynamic community of people. As has often been said, the church is not a building — but is the community of people who gather together in love and in service.


On a weekly basis the work of this church finds expression in many different ways — in times of prayer and worship; in Bible Study groups and lecture series;in celebration of significant life experiences such as baptisms, weddings and funerals; in interactions with the children and youth of our community through Sunday School and youth gatherings; in musical events and concerts; in opportunities for service offered to those in need through through the Out of the Cold programme and the Boarding Homes Ministry; and in many, many other ways.


Even as we honour the history of this congregation which has been present in downtown Toronto for over 180 years, we celebrate that St. Andrew’s is a living church with a vibrant and relevant presence in the heart of Toronto.



You Are Welcome To Become Part Of This Living Church