Located where the Financial District meets the Entertainment District, St. Andrew’s Church sits in the heart of downtown Toronto. A historic building, with a thriving and active congregation, we serve a unique and diverse community. Behind the large doors which open onto King St. is a quiet and peaceful place of prayer and of worship. Each and every day, many people find a moment to come into the sanctuary at St. Andrew’s to pray, to contemplate, to collect their thoughts and to seek peace.

From the office worker seeking a bit of respite within the sanctuary, to the music lover at one of our Friday concerts. From the tourist interested in the history & architecture of this unique building nestled among the office towers, to the poor and homeless who find shelter and a meal. We offer both spiritual and temporal assistance as we endeavour to carry out the mission statement of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, that “the people of St. Andrew’s are called by God to serve in faith, hope and love in the heart of Toronto.”

Having just celebrated our 189th Anniversary we continue to celebrate St. Andrew’s as a living church with a vibrant and relevant presence in the heart of Toronto. We join together in worship, through Bible Study groups and through the celebrations of life’s great events. We reach out to others through the Speakers Series, through our extensive music program and through opportunities to give back, such as our year round Tuesday breakfast programme and our Out of the Cold Dinners during the Winter months.

The church doors are usually open from about 8:30 am until about 3:30 pm. If you are passing by, feel free to come in to offer a prayer and to sit quietly in a place of peace. One does not need to be a member of the St. Andrew’s community to come into the sanctuary, all are welcome.