This year’s OOTC Supper Season began November 4, 2019 and will run until April 6, 2020.  While our OOTC Community Breakfast continues to serve our guests throughout the year.

The rebirth of downtown Toronto as a place to live in the 1970’s confirmed that St. Andrew’s decision to stay in this location was the right one! While it is surrounded by the towers of financial institutions, by hotels, theatres and concert halls that cater to the many tourists who visit, downtown Toronto has also become a place where people live and even raise young families. But it has also become a place where many of the city’s poor and homeless seek both food and shelter. St. Andrew’s is a living church with a congregation now drawn from across the city and which represents the diversity of modern Toronto. We again repeat our mission statement that, “The people of St. Andrew’s are called by God to serve in faith, hope and love in the core of Toronto” – a commitment to minister to the needs of the wide variety of people who live and work in the downtown area.

But the need is great and we need all the help we can get. Our many, many volunteers, from all aspects of life are the ones that enable us to do the work we do and to continue to serve. Many of our volunteers may not be members of the congregation but we are very grateful for their presence and their commitment. Many speak about getting back even more than they give and in this often selfish and self-centred modern world they are a beacon of light.  Do you have what it takes to join them and assist with one of the programs listed below?

OOTC Community Breakfast – at 7:30am

On Tuesday mornings throughout the year volunteers arrive at St. Andrew’s beginning at 5:30am to prepare a hearty breakfast for up to ONE HUNDRED  guests. Many of the volunteers are on their way to work and give a few hours of their time to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. You can help to prepare the room for our guests. You can prepare and cook food. You can serve and chat with our guests. Or you can assist with clean up. Give us an hour or two – even once or twice a month – it will make a difference.

In addition to serving wonderful meals, guests are welcome in our new and gently used clothing boutique and have books and magazines available to read and to take with them.  All of these items are donated.  We welcome boutique donations throughout the year.  Please drop them at the church during regular work hours, Sunday mornings, or call ahead to check if the church will be open at a time convenient for you.


To volunteer with either of these programs, as an individual, with family members, as a group of friends, or as a corporate team please click on the links below.

New Volunteers: Download application
Returning Volunteers: Download application