Hope and Reconciliation in Isaiah

Sunday Morning Bible Study has now resumed.  Please note the new time of 9:00am.  Participants can join in person in the Boardroom or by Zoom.  All COVID protocols will be followed in the in-person session.  If you are new to the Sunday Bible Study and would like to join by Zoom, please contact Rev. Faris.

This Fall we will be using a resource from the Kerygma series which looks at major themes in the second part of the Book of Isaiah.  Often referred to as the “Fifth Gospel” Isaiah presents a vision of hope and reconciliation for God’s people who have returned from exile in Babylon.  They are themes that are significant for both Jews and Christians and in the Church are often interpreted in light of the Incarnation.  They are also themes that resonate with us in our world that is so in need of hope and reconciliation.  Join us for this exciting series!

We will be using a resource book that is available to participants for $35.  If you require any assistance with this cost, please let us know.  To register and purchase a resource book, contact Rev. Faris at


Who’s in Your Family Tree?

Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew’s gospel usually just gets passed over as a long list of names.  But like most family trees, it contains some interesting information and we discover some people we might not have expected to find there.  We will pay special attention to the women we find in the genealogy: Sarah (not named), Ruth, Bathsheba (not named), Tamar and Mary. The Study will run on Thursday evenings for five weeks, starting October 21 and finishing on November 18.  We will begin at 6:30 and finish by 8 pm.  You can attend in person in the Board Room (you must be fully vaccinated) or via zoom.  Please register at: