Please Note – BEC is suspended as of March 18th 

The organizers and volunteers in the Tuesday night Better English Café have decided to postpone these gatherings for now.  In part, this is due to the wonderful work that the BEC volunteers have done, since the number of participants has been so significant that it is hard to accommodate the group in our church facilities in a way that “extra space” between people is possible!   We will keep everyone informed about when the program will resume.



The Better English Cafe returned on Tuesday, January 14th and will run through to the end of June.  Our Fall session has again been very successful and we look forward to welcoming even more participants to St. Andrew’s in 2020.  On an average week over 60 students, newcomers, even those who have been in Canada for many years but who only now have the opportunity to learn the language join us in the Great Hall.

Refreshments are served, friendships are made and everyone has the chance to practise their English in a fun and relaxed environment so please feel free to join us Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8:30 pm.


We have had many new volunteers join us this session but if you have thought about volunteering to  help others learn English, please feel free to sign up below.  You don’t need to be an English teacher, just have a good understanding of the language and be willing to facilitate.  We take turns setting up a topic and a list of vocabulary for each week and then our job is to ensure that everyone else is doing the talking.


If you would like to speak with someone about being a volunteer please email:

Please click here to Download application!

OR: Join us one Tuesday evening (any time after 6pm) and someone will be happy to speak with you.

A link to our MeetUp group may be found here: