The “Heart of the City Speakers Series” provides a forum for exploring ideas that matter to the people who live and work in Toronto. We seek to engage our neighbours through meaningful discussions relating to community, ethics, morality and spirituality.

In 2019 our focus has been on technology and how our rapidly changing world will impact us all.

Our next evening will explore the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Already these creations can trade trillions of dollars on global stock markets, dominate chess championships, drive cars and even manage vital security systems.

Scientists wonder if there are even limits to these new AI “Masters of the Universe” that are so clever they appear virtually flawless in making decisions.  What could go wrong?

Join us Thursday, November 14th at 7pm as Sheldon Fernandez, the founder and CEO of the “deep learning” startup DarwinAI in Waterloo explores the problems and challenges of Ethical AI.

Brian Stewart will be our MC for the evening.

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Ron Deibert discussed “Cyber Insecurity” and how targeted espionage against civil society is a new threat to us all.


Janice Stein spoke about: “Rebordering the World” and how the frontier of global competition is no longer trade or investment but rather technology.

Please note: These ticketed events take place in the Great Hall of St. Andrew’s and after the talks we offer a chance to share a glass of wine, enjoy some refreshments and to speak with the guests and fellow participants – so please plan to join us.

Our next event is scheduled for November 14th at 7pm