Should I be worried? Generative AI’s issues and opportunities.

Perhaps you’ve seen big headlines suggesting ways Artificial Intelligence will change everyone’s lives.  Join us in St. Andrew’s Church Great Hall and hear two of Toronto’s leading scholars discuss AI’s opportunities and some of the ethical issues that must be managed.


Guest speakers:

Rohan Alexander, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information and Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto.  Rohan Alexander is an interdisciplinary scholar of data science who explores ways to improve the trustworthiness of data science. His research answers social science questions such as whether politicians are actually representing their constituents, whether elections matter, and how political polling can be made better. Look for his book titled Telling Stories With Data.


Paolo Granata, Associate Professor, Book and Media Studies Program Coordinator, University of Toronto.  Paolo Granata is a cross-disciplinary media scholar passionate about safeguarding human rights in the digital sphere. He founded the Media Ethics Lab in 2019 to help study how digital media practices and emerging technologies are marked by ethical issues and decisive political, societal, and cultural questions.




Ghizaal Haress spoke about “What is happening in Afghanistan under the Taliban”.





Michael Anhorn stepped in for Margaret Eaton for this presentation on Mental Health in Canada





Steve Paikin and his new book: Rethinking John Turner’s Legacy on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.





“Bruce Kidd spoke of his journey in the worlds of politics and sports on January 25, 2023.




“Agatha Christie, Archaeology  and Alzheimers” was presented by Dr. Amy Barron from UofT on November 30, 2022




The History and Archaeology of Wine was presented by Dr. Stephen Batiuk from UofT on November 2, 2022




The video recording of “Presbyterian Mercy Flights” is now available HERE




On May, 12, 2022 we welcomed John Burzynski to The Heart of the City Speakers Series as he discussed the “Raise the Arrow Project”.  The video link for this presentation is now available HERE





On October 27, 2021, our first in-person Heart of the City Speakers Series event since 2019 took place here at St. Andrew’s.  Helena Moncrieff spoke with us about her book “The Fruitful City – Building Community in the Urban Food Forest” 


Helena Moncrieff is a writer, professor, former radio journalist, and lifelong city dweller. Her writing has appeared in Best Health magazine, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and many in-house publications. Her freezer is full of fruit collected from other peoples’ backyards.  The link to “The Fruitful City – Building Community in the Urban Food Forest” may be found HERE






DAVID CROMBIE – Few public figures have known the city better. Three-times elected Toronto’s “Tiny, Perfect Mayor” (1972-79), later an MP and Cabinet minister, Crombie’s influence on City life spans six decades – from his urban reform activism in the Sixties to his struggles today to ensure socially responsible management of the Waterfront, our Greenbelt, and our Post-Covid revival.  The link to his HOTC video, Toronto After COVID  may be found  HERE


On Thursday, December 17, 2020 the Heart of the City Speakers Series presented, Faith, Community and Covid.  To watch the YouTube presentation please click here:

On November 14, 2019 Sheldon Fernandez discussed “The Problems & Challenges of Ethical AI” 

Ron Deibert discussed “Cyber Insecurity” and how targeted espionage against civil society is a new threat to us all.

Janice Stein spoke about: “Rebordering the World” and how the frontier of global competition is no longer trade or investment but rather technology.

Please note: These ticketed events take place in the Great Hall of St. Andrew’s and after the talks we offer a chance to share a glass of wine, enjoy some refreshments and to speak with the guests and fellow participants – so please plan to join us.